Happy Thanksgiving To My Yankee Doodle Friends

If I had a photo of an ornately decorated turkey I’d bung it in the oven on here, but I haven’t. The closest thing I could find in the archives was two of these, ducks on ice, at the height of summer in the UK…


Never mind, no doubt copious amounts of this is being consumed…

2015-11-26 21.06.26

Are ya more stuffed than the turkey yet…?

Dave has family in the US and we were once there for Thanksgiving. Previous to that I always thought the Brits put the Christmas decs up early…

I´ll never forget the “adults,” (slightly overdone) going in the swimming pool to see who could last the longest. It wasn´t heated, and by this time of year outdoor pools have all cooled off a bit, same happens here. What was an extremely warm over-sized bath in summer turns into what feels like ice to us softy´s. Well at least we don´t have to sit on / in it like those poor ducks I suppose. [They must´ve been a bit thick, there was a clear patch of ground under a tree close by]

So here´s an extremely not interesting factoid: I was reading the English version of the “El Pais” newspaper online this morning, and guess what, turns out Spain invented Thanksgiving first!! God knows what it represented though, must´ve been so exciting they´d forgot all about it the next year. However you can guarantee it´s still yet another RED day off work, tend to lose track of what´s why and when…

Anyway I´ll shut up and leave you to get on with the meaningful American version. Been there, done that, great fun…!

CHEERS! Mug Martini glass Mug Martini glass

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