The Lights Are On Here Now!

Have I ever introduced you to my Spanish Palace before? This is just the main entrance:
Nothing too fancy of course…
2015-11-28 20.25.56
Decided to keep the Christmas tree modest too…
2015-11-28 19.15.43
Aw, bless…
2015-11-28 20.26.29
Meanwhile, back in the real world, this is the boulevard, 2nd largest shopping mall in Europe, and it takes a good six weeks to tart up the whole place in spectacular fashion for Christmas. Elf and safety dictates that it´s all done at night. We´ve recently noticed more and more twinkly lights appearing down the aisles, none of them a´ twinkling yet.
Last night we assumed that was still the case, I mean there were lots more to be seen but were they saving it all for December??? So while sat in a bar debating where to go for a meal, a guy came on stage, got the crowd roaring, (couldn´t understand a word) then counting back from 10 began. Quatro, tres, dos, uno was the dead giveaway…  All of a sudden the whole lot lit up, we had no idea it was THE BIG SWITCH ON…! Awwwwww, and Oooooooo from everyone, even a round of applause.
There´s also HUGE designs of what I can only describe as HUGE “lighting art.” Hanging from up high, I would say from the ceiling but there isn´t one. They´re wired across from one shop to another so you walk under them. Each aisle has a different Christmas “theme” and my favourites are the “snow flakes.” (Not that I miss real ones of course).
Afterwards there was a big parade, kids dressed as elves waving LED wands, followed by Flamenco dancers wearing fancy red dresses and “icicle headbands.” It´s the only way I can describe them, each “icicle” about a foot long, imagine the exact opposite of the suns rays. Beautiful.
We were sat outside a restaurant on the second floor by then, great view but too far away for photos. As the crowds parted for them to get by, then stopped while they danced, that´s all the camera would´ve seen, the crowd…
Later on a choir was on stage singing Christmas Carols. I’ll never get used to hearing the exact same tunes sung in Spanish, whatever they may be. The kids even sing the nursery rhyme “the wheels on the bus go round and round,” oh, and the word “BUS” is the same…

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