What A Fighter Jet Can Do To A Cloudy Sky

No big deal compared to what fighter jets are capable of, so call it “air striking” in simple creative mode. We heard the noise of one overhead as we were on our way out, and it certainly wasn´t hanging about.

The sun had just gone down and this is what was left behind, truly dramatic…

2015-11-21 17.42.44

2015-11-21 17.43.00

2015-11-21 17.42.53

Whilst on the subject:

There´s a big military airbase about 20 minutes drive from here, two weeks ago (before the horror in Paris) there was a massive military “war games” mission here in Spain. Little of it was mentioned in the media at the time. American and Spanish troops with hoards of hardware were practising for perhaps, future necessity? Stats:

  • 36,000 troops involved.
  • 200 aircraft.
  • 60 vessels.
  • 50 Tanks.
  • Actual “boots on the ground” training too…

All a bit ominous.

I can count on one hand the number of times we´ve seen military jets flying over us and out to sea since we moved here. But what we haven´t ever noticed is jets flying a “sortie.” Having built fighter jets for years Dave spotted it first,, “See that leading smaller jet and the real thing following? Well they´re practising locking onto it as a target.” Blimey, there was two of them chasing, and doing avoidance manoeuvres at the same time, whilst flying at god knows what speed.    

We´ve been on Level 4 alert in Spain ever since the attacks in Tunisia last June. It´s even been reviewed since then, and remained the same. Level 4 is just one down from “imminent attack.” The two hotels in Tunisia were both Spanish owned, and there´s more “chatter” online about Spain than ever before. Apparently ISIS want the region of Catalonia, which includes Barcelona. Hundreds of years ago the area was mainly muslim “faith” but (also hundreds of years ago) Christianity took over,, and the sick b*st*rds want it back…

There´s a bridge near here that we sometimes walk across, it´s high up and we´ve seen warships out at sea patrolling the coast on several occasions. (Comforting). However, since the war games, two fighter jets fly above us and out to sea every couple of days. Heard them go across while I´ve been writing this. Is there now a need for protection to escalate further here?

Without dwelling on it, fact is fact, holiday hotspots as well as cities are now targets. The immigration crisis must be an added bonus to “them,” places like Greece and Turkey are off the holiday list due to that problem alone. Perhaps even the southern coast of Italy would be worth a swerve because of it too. Then there´s climate change and countries with internal / external wars. Where to go on holiday? Well, there isn´t quite the choice there used to be is there?

There were a few of us having a discussion the other night about how the Spanish Costas might be overwhelmed with holiday makers in future, because it´s safe here. But on the other hand are the sick b*st*rds sat waiting for that to happen??? Hopefully our little area of beautiful white sand would go ignored, too sleepy! But Benidorm, well, as far as targets are concerned, say no more.

Basically, this is just something occasionally thought about, yet must´ve been assessed by all of us, wherever… Personally it´s risen to the surface because of the recent war games here, yet the risk is just as high across the whole of Europe. The collective WE will not, should not, submit to fear and apprehension in everyday life. Thinking about it is one thing, but dwelling upon it is not the answer…

Well, away from that rather negative yet realistic curiosity about the future. Back to more important, normal, everyday reality, the here and now, our peace and safety without intimidation.

Dave got the Christmas lights out today and strung different one´s across the front terrace and balcony above, don´t half look pretty now it´s dark…!

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