Mutant Palm Trees

Just to make this spectacle even more supernatural, the featured mutant palm tree in these photos obviously had a visit from the hairdresser recently. (Those split ends had to be sawn off). So there it stands, all dressed up for Christmas with a new hairdo and nowhere to go… Plenty of admiring glances though…   

2015-12-07 19.03.55

2015-12-07 19.03.47

It´s quite ironic really, original tradition dictates that people have a decorated dead tree in their front room. Lifeless Spruce trees are temporarily “spruced” up till the spikes start to drop off and make a mess. I can remember the hassle of us going and getting one, then shoving it in the car, then dragging it in the house.

After a few years we rebelled, and bought a fake one that did a dam fine imitation of the real thing. The kids didn´t mind either, providing chocolate money was hidden amidst the lights, baubles, and tinsel, oh, and presents were underneath!

A living palm tree dressed up for Christmas is quite the opposite in both respects. It hasn´t snuffed it, certainly isn´t traditional, and yet surpasses them all. This will be our third Christmas here. I always thought the Brits did well with eye catching decorations, till I saw the natural extras a warm climate can create…

Factoid: Palm trees are now a protected species, maintenance such as cutting back the leaves as above (excuse pun) is ok. But unless one of them is dying they cannot be given “the chop.”

Note: Not a single tree was harmed in the making of this blog post.

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