The Ferris Wheel Farce

A week ago we noticed a big Ferris wheel being put together for the festive season.
Dave says: “We´ll have a go on that when it´s up eh? Get some great views of the Med from the top.”
I had a vision of us both queuing up and feeling a little bit silly surrounded by parents and kids, at least the parents have a good excuse to get up there.
As you can clearly see by the photos it´s now turning “ding dong merrily on high.”
End product…
So while I was taking these, Dave sauntered off for a closer look from the ticket office. Then came back and stated emphatically “No way! Have you seen how they all swing out a bit at the top? Never get me on THAT.”
It came as no surprise to me at all. I waited patiently as he looked up to the heavens, even knew in advance exactly what the reaction would be…
Absolutely nothing to do with feeling like a four year old, he´s got a fear of heights. But the sheer drop irony is that he´s built different kinds of aircraft all his working life. Some things never change, even a set of ladders is a no-brainer, but flying on a plane isn´t a problem. Don´t sit and ponder on that for too long, I don´t.

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