The Med On A Murky Day

It´s a rare occurrence is this. Thick cloud blocking out the sun means the clear clean sea, full of different shades of azure, turns all one colour.
Beautiful but Bland…
Same beach in the sun, a sight we´re much more familiar with…
I took the first two photos a couple of days ago. What started off as a mission to get some bits and pieces from the chemist, also turned into a walk down the beach. It´s easy to find. After purchasing the necessaries just walk out the door, look up, and there it is at the end of a little road.
Later on we found yet another “hidden oasis.” Two restaurants and two bars next to each other shared a massive terrace, landscaped with manicured plants and even a pagoda. Beyond that a swimming pool and beyond that the sea… We stayed for a couple of drinks then went to our favourite Chinese restaurant.
Afterwards, we got a taxi to our local bar and met up with friends, tables were dragged together and eight of us sat there laughing our asses off into the night, well, early morning actually. Eventually got home at 3.00am, time flies here…
So there you go, the unfolding story of how a visit to the chemist on the Costa Blanca works…

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