Oops I Almost Forgot

Apologies dear reader, the big day is almost over, and I’ve only just remembered to say:
So why, how, did that happen? Well, it´s quite simple really, our Christmas Eve party of yesterday, also continued into a Christmas Morning party during the early hours of today…
End result,, we´ve been asleep for most of it, the champers is still in the fridge and our own Christmas has been officially post-poned till tomorrow.
Just to complicate things further, the Spanish celebrate Christmas Day on Christmas Eve…
It´s been a busy week, what with a couple of unplanned “pre-Christmas” party´s too, I´m officially fff knackered. Seriously left wondering if old age is kicking in, nah, you´re as young as you feel, but right now it´s about 94.
So from us to you…

Feliz Navidad…!
And there´s another thing that could be classed as complicated but isn´t, the two ways of saying those words. Fortunately it matters not about who says what to who. Even Feliz Christmas and Happy Navidad are perfectly acceptable.
Oh, and on a final note, here´s Carlos the Liverpool fan…

Except,, he supports Barcelona…
I´ve just realised this must be a contender for “The most complicated Christmas day blog post ever” award…
Also perhaps the latest,, it´s 11.46pm.

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