Our Year In Review 2015

When I hear those words Year In Review it always reminds me of the TV news kind. A summary that contains the worst of what has happened that year, and already been reported in depth. I can’t remember the last time we sat down and watched the doom and gloom squashed into one programme. Factual as it is, real as it is, we all know what it is in advance…
So on a lighter note, my original idea of writing a big long manuscript about “our year in review” was scrapped. Other reasons include:
  • It would take me another year to pick out bits and recreate.
  • Everything´s already on here anyway.
  • You’d probably die of boredom part way through reading it.
Plan B, take one or two quirky / scenic /serious / silly blog photos from each month and slap them on here for another airing. Not easy to determine which ones deserve it when there´s so many to choose from…
Several hours later: There´s far too many photos for one blog post, so I´ve scrapped Plan B and implemented Plan C. It´s a “Part one” and “Part two” photo album thing. Jan to June, and July to Dec. Good grief, didn´t realise this would be so traumatic when I set off.    
Serious,, The cranes are moving again, have been for a while now…
Silly,, Father Christmas lost the plot, at the end of January he was still delivering presents…
Scenic,, How to slice a big fat cloud in half…
Serious monotony,, The amount of paperwork involved when moving to another country…
Smiley Face,, Sod paperwork, we´d owned this for just over a year…

Scenic,, Those “clouds” are mountains, and further away than they look…

OUCH,, My first and hopefully last trip to hospital, the strap broke on my high heeled shoes, ankle went with it, end result…
Wildlife,, Savvy Sparrows who even do eye contact…
More Wildlife,, Our first encounter with a wild snake, at the end of our road…!
Discovered Sex on the Beach! Oops, it´s the name of a sun-kissed cocktail which has to be delicately requested {excuse pun} Because bar staff, yourself, and everyone within earshot tend to fall about laughing…
Forest fire!
On a totally different note, it´s worth mentioning that today (Jan 6th) is “Three Kings Day.” Correctly spoken:
“Día de los Reyes Magos.”
The day of the Epiphany is as important to the Spanish as Christmas Day itself. It´s also yet another red day when everyone´s off work and the whole country shuts down. The exception being parades and celebrations everywhere, it´s the only time the roads get busy here, nose to tail with people! So they have two Christmas´s and two lots of presents! We were amidst the crowd last year, what an experience.
Personally it would come as no surprise at all if everyone gets the day off work just to take the decorations down, and then get the dusters out. 

Consequently last night we were at Christmas Eve party number two and we all got presents! I mean they didn´t have to bother but it was just so nice, we had no idea. The women all got jewellery and the guys were given fancy chocolates…!

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