The Solitary Cloud Phenomenon

This is a feather cloud…

2015-12-07 15.54.55

2015-12-07 15.54.49

If there´s a medium size fluff ball in the daytime sky, the sun seeks it out and creates anything it likes. I´ve photographed many different variety´s now, most of which are dotted about on the blog. You may have noticed that sunrise to sunset I adore interesting and beautiful sky photos. They´re in abundance on the Costa´s, and with no high rise buildings nearby it´s a BIG sky.

So how does this particular scenario happen? Obviously, the average size solitary cloud has nowhere to hide. The front end nearest to the sun slowly evaporates, and causes the back end to break up and transform into, well, whatever. The sun can paint the sky every colour you can think of, however in daytime blue it becomes an artist of a different kind.

I remember once seeing an hourglass cloud! Two clouds joined together, one on top of the other and lived happily ever after took a bit longer to zap. Which means on the odd rare occasion it´s possible to capture a different kind of quirkiness, before the sun moves in…

As a bonus, there were two planes practicing their own artistry, (Spanish version of the Red Arrows) flying above the feather, and over the sea…

2015-12-07 15.53.49

2015-12-07 15.54.21

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