The New Year Resolution Con

Over the years I´ve observed that not many people who make New Year Resolutions actually achieve them.

Some take it seriously. Genuinely intend to follow up on their goal. But after trying it out for a few weeks, even days, apathy sets in. A New Year does not magically present motivation or strength of will.

For a resolution to work, the goal has to be based on a firm decision made at any time of year. Number One in the NYR chart is getting fit and losing weight. Intentions are high, after the Christmas meal will be the turning point… Right???

But in reality a New Year has nothing to do with reinvention. For example:

  • It´s mid Autumn, and courage to begin a much pondered challenge presents itself. The determined person decides to get fit, lose a few pounds, take up more exercise, eat a well balanced diet, and begins the long hard slog. By New Year they´ve turned their life around. No need for meaningless resolutions, the best time is anytime.
  • Same scenario, someone else,, “Oh, I´ll leave it till the New Year.” (No chance of resolution).

Meanwhile the likes of “Sports Direct” make a fortune off an unwitting whim. Exercise machines fly off the store´s shelves, lycra outfits dance off the shelves, and cushion sole trainers hop off. Workout DVD´s abound and Davina makes a nice healthy profit. Even worse “I got a bargain in the January sales” sometime later ends up on Ebay as “nearly new.” Gym memberships go up, but the number of users doesn´t.

Excuses are made, the likes of:

  • “I haven´t got the time.”
  • “My friend couldn´t do it, so if she / he can´t, I can´t.”
  • “I´m too stressed at work and need to relax when I get home.”
  • “I´ve got a gammy knee that won´t heal till next January.”

Only a few will succeed, simply because grim determination to change something,, anything,, coincided with the month of January.

Guilty as charged, learning pwoper Spanish was on the agenda for October and didn´t happen then or since. My excuse? Hey, I´ve got TWO!!

  • It wasn´t a NYR…
  • I haven´t got time,, too busy keeping fit…………….

3 thoughts on “The New Year Resolution Con

  1. Set out on Chapter One in any other month except January, or simply take the pressure off and think any other year will do, or simply move to Spain. “Manana” is supposed to mean tomorrow, except tomorrow could be next year and beyond, it doesn’t matter at all lol.


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