A Murder On The Doorstep

We were sat outside last Saturday night when the peace and quiet was broken by the LOUD sound of sirens, lots of them. “Must be coming from across the valley in Los Dolces or VillaMartin.”  It’s most unusual to hear even one siren round these parts, but so many all at once was a first since we’ve lived here. This area is so serene, sound carries for miles around, “Has to be bad, something must be on fire.”

A traffic accident was out of the question because there’s no major roads nearby. Plus, Saturday nights the roads are completely empty, as opposed to being almost empty on every other day of the week. The Spanish version of Gridlock occasionally happens at a roundabout in a nearby town. Get three cars nose to tail awaiting their turn on the merry-go-round and that’s as bad as it gets…

Fine example,, the busy N332 on a Saturday evening, must´ve been a wedding on somewhere…

2014-08-23 19.00.55 

This road goes all along the Costa Blanca near the coast. It’s the equivalent of the M6 without potholes. To be fair it gets busier near Alicante, still no traffic jams though…

We’ve often said how the cops round here must have one of the best jobs in the world. Hardly any crime they cruise around on smooth wide roads, sat in air conditioned mean machines full of hi–tech gadgetry. Guns by their side, they enjoy the picturesque views… Under normal circumstances, worst case scenario would be looking for a lost dog. It happened the other day, we were sat outside a bar and in they came, two handsome blokes in uniform headed straight for me… I’ve not reached the hot flush time of life yet, but gasp…

So they were looking for someone right? Was there a suspect sat amidst us? No, they asked the bar owner if he´d seen a lost dog. They´d come on behalf of the dog owner who goes in there regularly (with said suspect dog). My heart reached out to those people present who knew the dog personally…

In this blog post I “logged” our own first encounter with La Guardia. With no lost dogs to find, we discovered losing a football match takes priority status…  

I also included the dramatic story of what happened when Dave flashed the car headlights, and pulled over an armed cop in the USA. Which is of course the total opposite way round that´s supposed to work… I was so proud of my husband´s bravery, in the pitch black of night we were well and truly lost down a side road. “Look! There´s a cop car ahead, I´ll fla…” NOOOO! Too late. The red and blue lights went on, and a figure emerged from the gloom hand on gun. Another fine pickle we were in, reminded me of a horror film.

On a sobering note (that was anything but sober), the flashing lights on Saturday were going to a murder scene. Hard to believe, just three miles away as the crow flies, about five by road, some drunken dickhead in a bar stabbed a British expat in the neck, with a broken glass. Sadly the 40 year old father of two died where he stood…

Cops in real action,, three people were arrested, and it came as no surprise to find out they were British holidaymaker yobs. They´d spent their time here on the piss for almost a week. Well they´ll be spending their time in a prison cell from now on, pissing in a pot full of sober regret.

I can´t understand why they didn´t just stay in the UK for a week in a drunken haze. They wouldn´t have been aware of anything much, so why bother wasting money on flights?

As a friend of ours succintly put it: “One of the many reasons I moved over here was to get away from that kind of shit!”

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