And The Earth Did Not Move Beneath Me

Yesterday there was an earthquake in the Med, the epicentre being under the sea. It measured 6.2 on the Richter scale, and an aftershock measured 5.2.

The local press reported it was felt on the coast of Morroco and the southern coast of Spain. Malaga got the “worst” and it even reached as far as central Spain, but it was news to us! Thankfully there were no casualties or buildings damaged here, however some buildings were badly damaged in Morroco. I saw a photo of an appartment block there literally split in two but still standing.

We’ve only ever experienced two earth tremors, both last year. Nothing to write home about but they do rattle on a bit, erring on the low side, each lasted roughly a minute. I can only describe them as being like several big trucks rumbling past at high speed. You hear and feel the vibes along with “cabin pressure” in your head. In fact come to think of it, there’s a similarity with taking off in a plane, except you’re not going anywhere. Saving grace for property is that any house less than 25 years old has been built “quake proof.”

Like I said though, being further east of it we must’ve been off the radar for this big one. Strange though because that’s where the tremors we get come from… Something to do with the tectonic plates which were created under the sea when the tip of Spain and Africa separated millions of years ago.

It’s also sparked a debate with the doom and gloom merchants of the media. “If an earthquake happened at the other end of the Med, Greece and Italy would be hit by a huge tsunami…” Upshot being, according to the history books they’re about due for one. For goodness sake, those countries have enough to deal with at this particular point in history…!

Anyway, back (or forth) to this morning. WE had the “third aftershock,” except it came from a sky that´s full of low cloud at the moment, (rare but true).  A jet plane could be heard in the distance, coming towards us, no big deal, must´ve changed flightpath because of it. But the roar got louder and louder to the point of deafening, something wasn´t right. Is this what an incoming missile sounds like??? People ran outside in an attempt to identify the source. In hindsight people in war torn countries must instinctively run inside.

But here:

“¿Que esta…?”

“What the fff…?”

Suddenly a fighter jet appeared underneath the clouds going at an incredible speed, skimming the tops of houses by what “looked like” 100 feet. Taking into account any possible deception it was probably more. But even so, definitely out of it´s comfort zone – and ours! It seemed to be defying gravity, the engines were screaming the wrong noise, it was coming down far too fast and headed straight for us… Then it did a sharp turn, (too sharp, too low) and looked like it was limping fast towards the airbase at Murcia.

In a previous lifetime Dave built fighter jets and knows how they work (or don´t), he said it was going way too fast to land there. Not only that, there HAD to be something wrong, flying so close to the ground just above people at such speed. Under normal circumstances it´s below and beyond their usable airspace, too dangerous. But the pilot obviously had a fight on his hands inside the cockpit, way outside of the plane´s intended purpose in life.

It disappeared as fast as it appeared, continuing to go down and headed towards the sea, the angle was so sharp. Thoroughly gobsmacked we all stood in a trance of some kind, waiting for the crash that hopefully wouldn’t happen. Relief came when it didn’t. Phew…

Conclusion: Within 24 hours there´s been an earthquake, an aftershock, and a near miss from the skies…

NEXT…?? Mr Speilberg enters stage left planning a movie based on a true story…

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