An Addition To My List Of Must Take Photos

Breaking new ground, it’s called Rock… To be more specific, the Spanish Red Sandstone Rock found in coves next to the sea and hilly areas. It sits on top of hard rock under the ground, and creates some fascinating shapes. Soft rock that can move, shift, and even subside over the years.

I’ve walked past the red stuff many times and thought, “That would make a really good photo,” but never bothered because I’m too busy aiming the camera at other things.

Yesterday we went for a walk down by the sea, so I decided to put my idea into action.

End result…

2016-01-28 16.42.49

2016-01-28 16.44.04

2016-01-28 16.44.01

We were up on the headland and the sun was playing at silly buggers, so it took some of the deep red colour away. That little pathway goes down onto what is definitely not a beach! It’s all solid rock down there.

Next time we go for a walk further along the headland, I’ll take a few close up shots. The path takes you right past a 50 foot high section with a 50 foot crack along it… Further round, even scarier, there’s one that’s slowly crumbling, with a big ledge at the top waiting to fall. Huge safety fencing reinforces the sandstone, but if, sorry, when it goes the fence will too…

Aside from that, the most interesting aspect is the shapes the soft red rock creates. When stood just a few metres away, the human eye tends to dance about and find the likes of eerie faces and gremlins staring back. I swear there’s even a dragon on one of them. Then again, it’s probably just my vivid imagination working overtime…

Except for the gentle lapping of waves, this genre of Heavy Rock has no sound. Makes some great visual albums though…

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