Climate Control For Critters?

It´s the middle of the night and a strange scuffling noise wakes you up… Fight or flight mode is supposed to kick in. But at 5am this morning, sleepy instinct chose a different option.

Lie still, don´t move at all, use your ears to identify it, and prod Dave awake with the nearest finger.

“Waaa?” “Shush, LISTEN.”

I thought it was coming from the air con unit on the bedroom wall.

Left of the ceiling apparatus…


I swear if anything crept out of there I would´ve screamed, in spider terms it had to be a tarantula making that racket.

Dave thought it was coming from outside, where the inverters for the bedrooms sit on the side of the house, thus…


So I came up with a brilliant idea, switch the air con on HOT,, 40 degrees C air flow should fry whatever it is! But where´s the remote control gone?? We haven´t used the darn thing for ages, so it must´ve got buried somewhere…

In hindsight that wasn´t such a brilliant idea at all. I mean if it was some exotic creature bigger than a tarantula, the fan outside might spray blood and guts everywhere. Besides, Dave the voice of reason reminded me there´s steel mesh grills built into the sealed unit. So nothing could get through there if it tried. Not even a tarantula…

Panic over, he reckoned something was on top of one of them, probably a bird of some kind. Back to sleep he went, meanwhile I laid there on red alert staring at the wall. After a while it became tiresome and so did I.

A detailed exterior inspection was carried out at the side of the house this morning. It became apparent that the tarantula must´ve forgot his bolt cutters…

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