The Valley Next Door

Yesterday I ventured out of the front gate for the first time in six days,, wearing a pair of Dave’s trainers! That “miracle cream” prescribed for my sore toe has worked like magic, but I daren´t wear any of my shoes yet.

So we went for a walk along the edge of one of the huge valleys we’re surrounded by. Just 100 yards from our front door.

Fascinating fact: To get to those houses the other side requires a four mile journey by road…





We reckon the regimented lines of trees in the middle are an ex orange grove…


The beginnings of a desert next door to it. The two side by side are a stark contrast…


Still a lot of greenery though…

2016-02-10 15.57.37

So that was it, we did about half a mile and I came home knackered…! Dreary me, just a few days of sitting about and my walking legs have walked away…

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