Valentines Day Failure

This past week we haven´t been out much because of my manky toe. It´s got a lot to answer for has that toe… We weren´t going to get a taxi just to buy each other Valentine cards and / or anything heart shaped on the shelves. Sod that for a lark.

So on the day itself, while Dave went down to the little local shop for some bits n´ pieces, I had a shower. OR TRIED TO HAVE A SHOWER… For the first time since we´ve lived here there was hardly any water coming out of the taps, but I was determined and stood under a trickle…

When he got back I told him what was going off on, and he said one of the roads further down was sealed off and being dug up. Had to be a water pipe thing. Great timing. I suspect that because we´ve officially been in drought for two years, they aren´t allowed to switch the water off completely – even in winter. Contrary to any notion of it running out, there must be a good supply, because it normally gushes out of the taps.

Happy Valentines…

Then Dave announced he was going to buy me a bunch of red roses, but the only ones left in our local shop were more of a brown colour. The best had been and gone, but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it? Lovely as it was, I couldn´t help but mention next time we walk past Swarovski, let´s pay a visit to the interior. I mean a diamond encrusted necklace with matching earrings and tiara would suffice.

Happy Valentines and dream on…

Early evening the weather took a turn for the worse, a 25mph wind blew up from nowhere with gusts of 30mph! What the??? Took us all by surprise, plants sat on walls gained the ability to fly, barbeques fell over, and outdoor furniture learned how to do flamenco dancing.  

I´ve said before how (southern) Spain isn´t built to cater for rain, well add wind to that. Both of them are alien entity´s the place doesn´t recognise, but the population does! Nobody goes outside (where we all usually live), and stuck in front of the TV is the place to be. Reminds me of the UK, except that´s every night of every year. On the Costa´s it´s just an inconvenient novelty.

As a result the normally NOT busy roads turn into TOTALLY EMPTY roads. These days cars have so many sophisticated extras, the native ones must have an automated lock down system for the Spanish version of extreme weather conditions. Conclusion: Anywhere with something special planned for yesterday´s romantic calendar date must´ve been deserted.

Happy Valentines…

So (passion aside) the best it got was watching a Stephen King horror movie last night…

But hey, every day can be a traditional Valentines day in sunny Espania. What makes Feb 14th any different? The dam weather this time…!

I was doing a bit of gardening today, and found an alternative for a bunch of roses. Call it an appropriate representation of the date under the circumstances:

2016-02-15 18.45.18

Leave them alone for a while and them there weeds are capable of turning into miniature trees. This one had fluffy leaves covered in tiny hairs, consequently I´ve now got a manky thumb…

Happy Valentines…

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