What You Looking At?

We walked down to a beach bar a couple of days ago,, sat down and this strange character was pointing a finger staring at me…

2016-02-16 16.01.56

It´s weird because I actually felt like someone was watching me… Most unusual,, it´s not normally something I would think twice, or even once about! Then I looked up and it was an inanimate object,, with attitude. We couldn´t decide if the HUGE brolly was parked there as a jovial statement, (irony) or if it sometimes came in useful as a parasol…

We were scanning the menu when our two bestest friends strolled past, they´d just been for a walk by the sea. So we all had a meal together and later on were “chauffer driven” to our local bar.

When the four of us walked in, our other bestest friends were there too,, which always means it´s going to be an extremely silly night indeed. Believe me, be it four, or all six of us together, a quality, rib tickling, laugh your ass off time is guaranteed. We´re all totally on the same wavelength, with the same wicked sense of humour too. I used to think I was good at puny puns, a nonsense talent built into my character. Dave´s got puny puns nailed too, but we are not alone…

Pick a subject, any subject, and our crowd can transform puniness into an art form. Even “worse” is the dry quick witted sense of humour thrown in, (the blokes are best at that). You find yourself still laughing at the last “quip,” but we´re onto the next one, and there comes a point where you just can´t laugh enough!

No arrangements, no planning, no window in the diary. That´s just how things happen here, any day of the week will do…

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