A Problem Solved The Hard Way

Nothing new there then…

Just to reiterate. SEVEN WEEKS ago we ordered a new TV from MediaMarkt  and I don´t care if I´ve spelt it wrong.

Oh, and put your feet up, this is yet another classic novel from the mistress of misfortune…

The one we chose? There were none in stock at the time, so we paid up front for the fancy new TV which would be, quote: “In stock within two to fourteen days, I can´t say exactly when, and it´s an extra €29.00 for delivery.” Well ok then, the bank card let out a groan, but we had faith in such a BIG European wide company…

  • At the checkout till adorned with security guards, our paperwork for delivery was stacked on top of at least 60 others. This is Spain,, which means another two weeks onto the first two. The bank card screamed it was all too vague,, but I told the darn thing to shut up.
  • We should´ve realised it was a bad omen when the door had to be prised off our locker by an “adorned” security guard on the way out. (They make you shove goodie bags from other shops in one, else you can´t go in). Stride in regardless, and I suspect even a full body cavity search wouldn´t be enough to gain entry. Unfortunately by then, you´ve already conceded entry for a complete stranger to poke about inside some extremely personal spaces. After all you really wanted that cordless drill didn´t you? 
  • The fairer sex are allowed to take handbags in,, but only because that´s where plastic cards might reside amidst the detritus.

Note for the menfolk: If ever something handbag size goes missing, that´s the first place a woman looks. Under such circumstances a fingertip handbag cavity search is required. Being forced to empty it upside down in a huff is the last, but usually only result.

Further attempts to resolve the invisible TV issue are as follows:

1) Sod it, almost two months later we went and got a refund from not so “Smart Mart.”

2) We told our friends about this experience just for a laugh, by then we´d {temporarily} given up. Defeat isn´t an option, but a break from it is. However, without any questions required, they let us know the best place to go to. There was hope at last.

  • More homework, we chose an EVEN BETTER TV online. Card scream? I couldn´t hear it outside…
  • Why didn´t we just buy it online? See it in action first…

3) We went to the place our friends recommended, it was deserted with a “Se Vende” sign in the window. {Total disbelief} Not their fault, they didn´t know. The business itself is still alive, just not the empty outlet we decided to go to…

4) This particular attempt had to be very carefully timed. A friend of ours was waiting for the fresh paint on his garden wall to dry, he had two choices. Sit and watch it without falling asleep, or take on the challenge of delving into the depths of “welcome to our world with Heth and Dave.” So he took us to another shop. Same company as attempt number three, but somewhere else. YES! They were open for business! BUT, they didn´t have the TV we wanted, even though it was on their website it would have to be ordered in: “You can pay now and it will be delivered in 48 hours…” NO, NO, NO, pay up front, leave empty handed AGAIN??? I came out in hives, and Dave turned into a statue. 

5) Our friend mentioned yet another place that might, just might come up with the goods. Wonders never cease, they had the right TV in stock! Next day delivery and setup, with two year guarantee all thrown in for free. RESULT! Can I just add, this is a Spanish company with far superior service… MM is absolutely incompetent, (German owned). The other place needed a firework up it´s ass, (Brit owned).

Fortunately there was only one day to dwell upon previous experience the likes of,, “Even if it gets here, it’ll spontaneously combust when the plug comes into contact with a plug socket.”

So imagine our surprise yesterday, 9.30am prompt, the guys arrived, set it up, even connected it to the Wi Fi, and Bobs yer uncle. A 50 inch curved screen 4K jobby was at last sat where it belonged. Took half an hour to install, I mean it´s even got voice recognition, say your channel number and there it lands. Made me wonder if it´s capable of taking over every electrical appliance in the whole house…

“Err, Buenos Dias, please can we have a cup of tea? Milky, no sugar, tepid for me. Piping hot ditch water, two sugars for Dave. Your sincerely and kind regards… PS: Good luck with that kettle, it hates us…”

Last but not least the picture is stunning, Dave´s watching boring rugby at the moment. The most interesting part being that every blade of grass can clearly be seen, including freshly made divots from their boots. Makes it almost worth watching the game…

SO HERE WE HAVE BEFORE our two month quest:

2016-02-25 18.26.01 

Oh Dear…

2016-02-25 18.29.21

No room for ornamental Spanish nick knacks on there now:

In the curve…

2016-02-26 16.21.38

Oh Dear again,, look at the facial expression: “Get me out of here! I need a career change, stacking cardboard boxes in a warehouse sounds appealing.” 

2016-02-26 20.31.15

“Yep I´m effin´serious about it…”

2016-02-26 20.30.50

All I can say is, I´m so happy this isn´t our forecast…

Yes we get Brit TV, and whilst sat amidst 17 degrees C in February, it still makes me shiver just watching the much discussed weather over there…

Serious word of warning when considering buying a curved TV.

  • Only Samsung and LG have got “the curve” technology perfected.
  • Buy a BIG screen. 

On a different note, our bad luck is contagious. Some friends rang up to ask if they could have our old TV, just ten minutes after the guys took it away for recycling…

Next week´s challenge is to buy a new kettle, the old one still works, takes a while to boil though. Just switch it on last thing at night, next morning the water´s starting to get hot enough for a brew. So if you want it, get your pre-paid with delivery charge order in now…

I wonder if they do Wi Fi kettles? It could talk to the TV, 3 laptops, an IPad, two smartphones, two VOIP house phones, and a printer. Good grief, while they all catch up on the latest gossip nothing would work how it´s supposed to.

“So which updates did you get today then?” 

“Well it goes like this, one of those humans butted in and…”

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