It’s A Rainbow

What here? Well in a word YES.

It´s certainly made me think though, (careful, might be cause for concern that). Nevertheless “Somewhere over the rainbow” comes to mind, except you have to be placed under one to see it. So whoever invented that idea must´ve been high on something at the time. “Reckon there might be a pot of gold each end too.”

A weak and maybe watery Spanish rainbow, except it hadn´t rained…

2016-02-28 18.28.02


2016-02-28 18.28.07

Hanging in there, but almost gone…

2016-02-28 18.28.16

Not quite as dramatic as the tornado we once saw out at sea in Benidorm…


Still it goes down in history as being the first ever rainbow we´ve seen here. Another new experience to add to the list, especially so when the ground was dry…!

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