Yesterday we went back to “not so Smart Mart” to buy a Wi Fi enabled kettle.

Yes I know we were supposed to be boycotting the place after paying for an invisible TV. But needs must, there´s absolutely no problem if you buy an item that can walk out of the door with you. Simply remember to flash a cheesy grin at a security guard, make sure your locker door doesn´t fall off, and freedom to leave is granted.

They didn´t have any Wi Fi kettles, so we went for the next best thing,, an HD one. That might all sound very silly indeed, but I kid ye not there it was written on the box:

HD Moulinex Subito”

2016-03-02 14.45.10  

Human friendly, it boils fast, and gives off a good picture too…

While we were there I noticed some “customer feedback” cards…

¿Did you damage these premises on the way out?

¿Did you do forget the cheesy grin and get arrested?

¿Did you touch anything on the shelves?

¿Did you walk down an aisle other than the one you were looking for?

¿Were the psychic abilities of the assistant timed correctly when your final decision was made? (Spot on)

¿Did you pay up front for express delivery within 2 months?

Anyway this is how I filled it in…

2016-03-02 14.46.48

2016-03-02 14.49.59

You don´t need to be able to speak Spanish, the thumbs down says it all. Facebook rejected the dislike button, but this company has no fear…

Thing is, neither have I, and it´s going to get posted in the little “customer feedback box” next time we go past. {Cheesy grin}

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