Black Wasps

You know when people call something a “wasps nest” it usually refers to confusion?

Walking through a minefield and opening a can of worms also come to mind. So the sting in the tail is that we´ve heard a lot of LOUD buzzing recently, while we´ve been sat outside trying to listen to peace and quiet. A lonely wasp had repeatedly zoomed past,, on a mission. But by the time either of us has run round the side of the house to locate where the hell it´s going, it´s buggered buzzed off…

So while reluctantly rearranging plants yesterday, I established two things, well three if you include the plants.

1) The lonely wasp tried to attack me, and yes it was of the BLACK variety. (Worse sting than your average wasp).

2) It was making a nest in the hosepipe holder thing.

In basic terms the latter is a big plastic round object that the hosepipe lives in. I´ve learned the hard way to use with caution, because afterwards it sucks itself back in there with a vengeance, get in the way and it could take your arm off. Meantime you´ve got yourself wet through, when it´s supposed to spray itself somewhere (anywhere) else… Or is that just me…

This item with attitude is located down here somewhere at the back, being green it blends in very nicely with the flora and fauna and can hardly be seen. I´ve never really considered it worthy of a full frontal photo before:

So this is as good as it gets…


Yesterday´s experience happened so quick the flying buzzer took me by surprise, then another SIX flew in, so I stood and watched agog while each one wiggled it’s way into the hosepipe´s residence…

Split second reaction is to DO something, but what? There was no time to run in and grab some masking tape, however there was a plant spray within reach so I squirted it inside and wow, two of them dropped out! That stuff also stinks and sprayed ME too. Luckily I don´t have wings that stick together, a wonky halo? Yes.

So the source has been found and, on a flowery theme, nipped in the bud. Tell you what though, I won’t be in a hurry to use that thing anytime soon. Two fell to the floor, but there’s still five dead bodies in there…

On a different note did anyone see “the Royal Request” today on the news? The floods have caused disaster in various parts of the UK which is very sad for those affected. But clever prince Charlie has announced that Brits should forsake their holidays abroad in the sun, and go spend that time in Yorkshire helping with the still ongoing clean up effort instead…

Oh the hypocrisy! Charlie climbs off the back of a tractor wearing wellingtons, stood amidst a media scrum for half an hour. Then he decrees that hard working people who save up all year to go abroad with their family should forsake all that, and spend their time clearing mud instead? What planet is this guy on? Two things that don´t compute:

  • Would he go and spend two weeks there getting down to things? No.
  • Would he give up his three holidays in the Caribbean per year to get his hands dirty? No.

Wouldn´t be quite so pathetic if he could lead by example. If my house had been flooded and was still in a mess, I´d ask him three little questions:

1) Why doesn´t he practise what he preaches?

2) Why isn´t he pumping some of his millions into the clean up effort?

3) Why doesn´t he convert a castle or two into apartments to house people?

What a plonker… {Statement}

Perhaps he should spread the word about black wasps in Spain,, might be more effective…

2 thoughts on “Black Wasps

  1. Please excuse me just saw your blog and the word black wasp jumped out at me, I was stung by a huge 3-4cm long black wasp virtually on the wing. Had the most horrendous reaction to it. I need to know what exactly it was so I can look it up, as I am undergoing allergy consultation in France close to Spanish border. Any help would be appreciated. This is a long shot as the post is quite old.


  2. Hi Jackie, this once happened to a friend of ours, (hand and arm blew up like balloons) and turned a strange colour. Medical treatment involved anti histamines and cream, it’s all they can do really, to try to get the inflammation down and help the healing process work faster. I’m sorry I don’t know any more than that with ref to recovery if there’s complications. You must seek medical assessment and help, or just walk straight into A & E at a hospital, nothing to lose with that idea!

    We were told it took six weeks to fully heal, perhaps that’s different for everyone. Hope you recover soon.

    H x


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