Anyone Into Basket Weaving?

Well here´s the utmost challenge…!

2016-03-02 14.06.51

2016-03-02 14.07.11

Yes it´s something else still alive that we´re getting shut of. Think I´ve invented a new phenomenon, call it extreme spring cleaning? A case of “sod the house, let´s get rid of stuff we´re not keen on that still works.” Over the past couple of weeks a still working TV and a still working kettle have both been binned recycled and replaced.

Yesterday´s mission was to get shut of the outsize wicker table and chairs on the roof terrace. This genuinely was necessary, because, well it just was. Wicker doesn´t cope well with hot sun, and curly bits have been dropping off them for ages. In the height of summer it would be quite easy to cook eggs on the tiles up there, or even a turkey that serves about 12 people.

This particular case of extreme spring cleaning has taken a while to actually happen, because the thought of carrying each item down 38 stairs, yes 38, was horrifying. They´ve all got steel frames which makes them double heavy. Don´t be fooled, they might look ok, but a bum falling through one was imminent.

If anyone had been watching the removal process in action, it would´ve been even more dangerous, because they´d have died laughing.

“To my left a bit”

“No it needs to be your left not mine.”

“Yeh, but the angle´s all wrong if you don´t move it left.”

“But look at your end?”

“I can´t see my end, lets just focus on what´s the next move eh?”

“Well get hold of the legs a bit further up.”

“But surely MY HANDS need to be further down.”

“Yeh, yeh, so twist the darn thing then,, no not that way.”

“Look,, do you want to go down backwards then?”

“Can you even see backwards?”

“Well not at the moment.”


Note: Both sets of stairs have a curly turn half way up. Curly chairs down curly stairs…

The whole process took about half an hour, and we discovered it´s an excellent workout for biceps and arguments.

Now the reason I´ve called on any basket weavers out there is because they´re still SAT in the garden awaiting being dumped recycled. So I thought perhaps an expert might see the package as a whole new concept. In theory they could be stripped back and re-woven, be a bit heavy for carrying round the shops but never mind.

Coming up tomorrow, the replacement bum seats, plus a few views from up there while we´re sat on them…

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