Views From Where I’m Sat

When we lived on a boat in the UK, I used to regularly post photos such as:

  • “Views from the side hatch.”
  • “Views from where we’re moored today.”
  • “Views along the way.”
  • “Views from the bow.”
  • “Views from where I’m sat.”
  • Sunsets.
  • Big sky´s.
  • Wildlife.
  • Events.
  • Oddball.

Here in Spain our mode of transport is on foot, obviously the views are different, and I can include the sea!

I´ve always lived near water, just 15 miles from the coast, even the Leeds Liverpool canal was only about 4 miles away.

Dave and I met each other literally “over the garden gate.” His house was across the road from my mum and dad´s, so I only moved about 30 yards away! Many years later we actually lived on water and realised that whatever happened, our lifestyle would always be alternative to the norm. Going back to humdrum was not an option, and never would be.

People in the boating fraternity used to say: “I´ll never go back to living in bricks and mortar.”  We said the same at the time, but that was before we thought about bricks and mortar in a different country…

Even now, we´re just 4 miles back (and uphill) from the Med. A water babe I am, destined to always be close by it, and yes, that too is very different here. Clear, clean sea with white sand, all blue flag beaches worthy of spectacular photos. In the UK, not only is the sea filthy, so are canals and rivers…

They even have canals here, yes they do! Man made, they carry water used for irrigation to the coastal regions,, and it´s BLUE. There´s one just a couple of miles away… So nothing much has changed for me in terms of location to the wet stuff.

I´ve also found that my photos may look a lot different now, but the general theme is still the same. Sunsets, big sky´s, wildlife, events, and oddball remain. 

Photos taken from a canal boat are no more, they´ve been replaced by: 

  • Coastal views of all kinds.
  • Inland views of all kinds.

Something that came as a shock to the system is the amount of greenery here. The very same trees as those in Britain cover miles and miles, forests of them that never lose their leaves. Plants that never stop flowering. Exotic plants and trees came as no shock, but it´s all the extras you don´t expect. I´ve even posted photos of the equivalent to the heart of England, the edge of it starts just down the road beyond a huge vineyard…  Two miles back from, and surrounded by salt water sea… Where that forest ends, another one begins, work that out!

Yes, the “green, green” of what was home, is here in bucket loads,, all year round. Grass doesn´t fare very well, unless it´s irrigated, no chance! Exotic wild flowers take it´s place… Only the likes of golf courses are an example of how top quality green grass can be cultivated, elsewhere on the Costas who needs it?!

I´ll never run out of photos to take, so back on the theme:

This is the view from where I was sat outside a restaurant yesterday…



The food was good too…

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