About Rabbits

A couple of days ago Dave went down to the local shop, shop as in singular, because it´s the only one within a mile circumference of here. Later on I noticed this sat on the kitchen worktop:

A cute little Easter bunny just for me…

2016-03-19 15.17.42

Neither of us eats chocolate, but it´s the thought that counts, and it meant a lot!

Last night we were out with friends, eight of us sat round tables, all as daft as each other and totally on the same wavelength. Honestly we can sit there for hours just laughing, joking, and talking about anything. Then eventually someone might accidentally glance at their watch,, “bloody hell it´s 2am.” Joint NO. Everyone checks their own ticker just to make sure. How time flies when you´re having fun and laughing till your ribs feel like they´re about to cave in.

Back to the subject of rabbits, there´s several different sayings about them, the main two being:

“They breed like rabbits”

“I pulled a rabbit out of a hat.”

Anyway, at some point a very silly question was asked: “So has anyone got an Easter present then?”

No. {Several persons}

Is it Easter?

When´s Easter?

I didn´t get one.

Neither did I.

What´s Easter?

Me: Well I got one,, {smug} everyone waits with anticipation. Note: It´s a good con to pretend you´re innocent {or totally thick} when answering a silly question, but this one backfired good style.

“I got a chocolate rabbit off Dave…”

It took about a millisecond for us all to get the alternative meaning,, including myself. Too late now…

“What, so they do chocolate one´s now Heth?”

“Oh jeez find me a rabbit hole to run down quick…”

About a thousand puny puns later, my own bestest contribution almost had people sliding under the table…

“Hey, but I won´t be eating it, because I don´t like chocolate…”

The more intricate details with ref to this particular “conversation” will be omitted out of respect to rabbits of all variety´s everywhere.

Later on amidst the hilarity of life without rabbits, my soulmate bought me a big bunch of flowers.

 LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, together forever we are…

2016-03-19 15.18.07 


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