About The Alien R Word

So can you guess what the alien letter R stands for??? Oh well go on then I´ll spill forth.

Yesterday was all about r raaa riad, reed, reen,, spit it out girl, RAIN… Apologies, I had to Google it.

A record breaking FULL DAY of the stuff, not pouring rain, just the steady and stark kind. We´ve never known it last so long, and no I wasn´t going round to take photos of my plants with drops of rain water on them. Besides, shock had set in, so this is as good as it gets:


2016-03-22 12.32.30

2016-03-22 12.32.45

2016-03-22 12.32.09

2016-03-22 12.32.17

As I´ve mentioned before, the Spanish don´t like the R word. The R word causes the whole area to come to a standstill. The R word creates ghost towns. NOT busy roads become deserted NOT busy roads. Garden furniture actually gets wet, and even window shutters go down. It´s like a collective allergic evacuation reaction on a grand scale.

It made me wonder how the Brits haven´t turned the R word into a swear word yet. For example:

“What the rain was that about?”

“What the rain´s going on here?”

“Where the rain is my umbrella?”

“Oh rain off will you?”

“Oh rain it.”

I wonder if I´m the first person to raining well think of this. {Plural version in action}

It´s all much more polite than the F word, not quite as offensive, but with a worse meaning.

Anyway the R word has disappeared here today, but there´s still lots of heavy clogs, cows, crowds, clowns, CLOUDS hanging about…

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