Sharing A Strawberry

Setting glorious views and fresh air aside for a moment, one of the first things we noticed here was the SHEER SIZE of fruit and veg. Take a wheelbarrow to your shop of choice and you might just be able to get everything on the list all at once.

A friend of ours has a relative who owns a small holding and grows average outsize veg, the other night he showed us two onions he’d been given. The most appropriate kind of carrier bag would’ve been an also outsize 42DD bra. It’s not a deliberate thing whereby Miracle Grow is required, it’s just how they turnip turn out naturally, even oranges and lemons flourish in winter.

So I thought it might be a nice idea to share an eggcup size strawberry with you.

Example of scale…

2016-03-23 11.53.15 

Nothing special about this strawberry,, except, oops I’ve just eaten it, so much for sharing then. Not to worry, there’s plenty more stuffed in the fridge…

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