At The Foot Of The Mountains

Some friends of ours took us on a jolly day out yesterday. Oops, just been reminded it was Good Friday,, was it? Anyway we found ourselves in a lovely little traditional Spanish village. It was like stepping back in time:

The village square…

2016-03-25 15.54.47

2016-03-25 16.03.25

The round house…

2016-03-25 15.56.22

Real bulrushes…

2016-03-25 15.47.00

Best dressed house…

2016-03-25 15.52.47

Best dressed trees…!

2016-03-25 15.54.24

Surrounded by…

2016-03-25 17.11.49

I love mountain views as much as sea views, and we´re lucky enough to live between them both.

This is the view from the bottom of our road, if we look inland from the sea…


Never to be taken for granted.

Later on we went out for a meal, then back to our local bar for a good old knees up. Sybil made an appearance too, I´ve never got round to explaining that particular phenomenon on here. When I get to the point of shoulder shake laughing, no word of a lie, I start to sound like Sybil from Fawlty Towers… “Hey up, Sybil´s here.”  

At some point in the evening my best mate and me were having an extremely “serious” discussion that pivoted around the subject of handbags. I will not disclose the details and you´d NEVER guess, however it involved extreme hilarity on a grand scale.

We were still sat outside the restaurant, but due to the focus of conversation at the time, the menfolk abandoned us and went to the bar next door. Men just really don´t understand the concept of handbags and what they´re capable of at all…

Meantime there was a very serious couple sat close by. Their kind of serious was the exact opposite to ours, we´d both clocked the boredom aspect of their relationship, it sort of radiated forth. As they were leaving, {probably because of us} the woman said “Sounds like you´re enjoying your holiday!”

My best mate tried to let her down gently by telling the truth about the fact that we live here. Neither of us were impressed, I mean laughing is allowed in this country, further to that, it´s a requirement…

In case you´re wondering, forget the assumption that all expats must be pissed as farts all day and night. We were both sober, is one can of cider ok? Must be the sun…

3 thoughts on “At The Foot Of The Mountains

  1. Thanks S,

    Believe it or not, I take all my photos using just my mobile phone. After all lugging the posh camera round with me everywhere would be like carrying yet another handbag. Just the one is bad enough!


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