Just A Boring Wednesday Night Shopping

Before I start let me just make it clear, we only went out for some cleaning products. Namely the special tile cleaner I use which turns the house into a hospital like environment, and some packet sauces you can’t get anywhere else.

But on the way there this happened, so we had to stand and watch Flamenco drama. That´s before we went for a meal, before we went boring shopping.

Passion, Romance, Love, Desire…

2016-03-23 20.17.54

2016-03-23 20.17.59

2016-03-23 20.18.02

2016-03-23 20.10.31

You can look but you can´t have…

2016-03-23 19.56.17

2016-03-23 19.14.11

A couple of hours later, we still haven´t got to the tile cleaner shop, and in order to get there it means walking past:

Passion, Romance, Love…

2016-03-23 20.20.28

Desire,, you can look but you can´t have. Well, not tonight when there´s packet sauces to consider…

2016-03-23 20.19.02

2016-03-23 20.20.14

2016-03-23 20.21.09

2016-03-23 20.21.36

2016-03-23 20.21.57

So when destination point arrives, it´s a case of: “WHAT THE HELL WAS I GOING IN THAT PLACE AT THE END FOR…?”

2016-03-23 20.21.24

Yes the entrance looks relatively small, but do not be deceived. It rivals the biggest, HUGEST Walmart in the USA, minus military hardware…

2016-03-23 20.22.07

So if ever you want to lose yourself, that´s the place to be. Leave your phone at home though,, they even have a phone app to guide you round…

Consequently we forgot the tile cleaner, and came home with this instead:

A traditional outdoor, hand made from TILES Spanish table, to compliment the garden furniture. Took two of us to carry the darn thing…

2016-03-27 16.24.42

  Blame the Flamenco dancing influence, I did…

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