Spanish Wall Art Without The Letter A

Perfect symmetry or randomly spaced? It matters not…

We often walk past this garden wall…

2016-04-07 16.30.42

Perfectly placed, Perfectly spaced…

2016-04-07 16.30.55

In contrast, this is the usual kind of set up, our very own casa sports the random theme…


The only stipulation with wall art is that it comes from here, and blends in…


Forget garden gnomes, they just don´t do it…


A while back I mentioned we were going to change the name of the house. {Visible in the photo above} We even had a new name in mind, but couldn´t find the tiles that matched CASA, ANYWHERE. So we gave up,, till just by chance Dave noticed them in a shop last week…

By then we decided to scrap the original new name because, exotic as it sounded, it turned out to be the name of a mountain where people go to SKI down…

So now we´d found the right tiles, it was time to come up with the right title. We sat outside a restaurant Googling different meanings from examples we´ve seen, except it all got very silly indeed:

Flowers: Dandelion, Nettle, Aspidistra.

People Names: Doris, Betty, Gertrude.

Place Names: Bognor, Blackpool, Accrington.

Love and Peace: Groovyondowndude. Shakeyourbooty.

Cocktails: Sexonthebeach.

Songs: Thewheelsonthebusgoroundandround.

Or, something truly unique, a clever mix of both our names for example: Dart, Dirt, Dither, Head, Tread, Hat, Dead, Hearth. NO!!!

So I switched my phone off in defeat, and we both came up with the same RIGHT name…! Woah, that´s the one…! Exotic AND universal. As we walked towards the shop, Dave just happened to mention the fact that one of the letters is bound to be missing… I mean this is us we´re talking about…

It came as no surprise,, we needed a letter “A” and the only letter out of all the alphabet with an empty shelf was an “A” for AWOL. So we got the other letters while we were there, but without the “A” it sounds like a dafter name than any of the above.

Thankfully the guy in the shop said he would order in the letter “A” so MondAy will be the “A” day.

“You going out shopping?”

“Yes, we´re going to buy the letter “A” from a shop we know that sells letters.” 

Conclusion: This particular situation includes both symmetry AND random.

Gone will be the days of TLA´s. Every expensive asset we´ve ever bought has been a TLA.

Our Spanish house was named a SKI by the guy who had it built: “Spent Kids Inheritance”

Our boat was called Takey Tezey, a weird version of “Take it Easy” and even that got turned into a TLA. At first it was just a TT, then after a while it turned into TNT: “Toil N´ Trouble” and yes it was capable of dropping many bombshells.

Even our car had a TLA, in order to remember the first three letters, we called it TeL Aviv. Blimey, look at that! It´s a TLA called TLA! I´d never noticed till I wrote it down just then. Well you learn something new every day.

Yesterday I learned how to configure the pound sign on a Spanish keyboard, PROOF >  £ £ £  

On a final note, our house in the UK didn´t have a TLA, it was just called “The House.” Which, without being Christened is pretty obvious…

So on a final, final note, I’ll keep you informed as to when, or if, we ever get a letter “A” from the letter shop. I mean an “A” is A very important member of the SpAnish LAnguAge. They should be AvailAble in AbundAnce… 

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