Aye, We Got An A

The Sequel:

On MondAy we went to buy TWO of the letter “A” from the letter shop. I didn’t originally mention that we needed two, because it might have doubled the trauma of reading about it. I mean one was enough to talk about. So now it´s official,, we don´t live in a SKI anymore:


2016-03-31 15.31.56


2016-04-12 14.40.36

After all the stress involved, at last we now live in a CASA with a PROPER name. Gone are the day´s of TLA´s. So we celebrated with Sangria Champagne…

Oh the irony, neither of us likes Sangria, too heavy on the intestines, but it´s the thought that counts. Pick a name from this category and CASA BROWNALE just doesn´t do it.

I´m just so relieved that we don´t have to go through all the palaver involved with changing the name of a boat. They have this “bad luck” jinx which in order to prevent, means the owner has to walk round the gunnels twice in an anti-clockwise direction. Then a bottle of brown ale has to be poured down the bow, and there was something else just as stupid but I can´t remember it…

Sad thing is, some friends of ours did that, their boat was as badly behaved as ours was. After changing the name and following the rules of the silly ceremony, things got even worse… Not long after, they abandoned their boat and moved to guess where? Spain…

We often considered renaming our boat, but after what happened to them, thought better of it. Jeez we had enough to deal with. If I remember rightly, we had a broken boiler, no hot water, and were refitting the bedroom to repair water damage from a slow leak at the time… Hence we were sleeping on a blow up bed thing that killed your back for three weeks…

On a brighter note, we’ve been assured by our friends that there’s no ritual involved with the process of renaming a house here. It’s reassuring to know that they don’t rebel like a boat does. Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it happen with my own eyes…

Oh dear, the crystal glass chandelier just dropped off the ceiling. Might have to reassess the theory… 

4 thoughts on “Aye, We Got An A

  1. That is so true. I tried for 6 months to buy a letter A when we bought our house and wanted to change the name from the awful “Casa Nana” to “Casa Huerta”. There was no way I was going to live in “Nanny's House”, even if Sue is a grandmother, so as the first house we lived in together was Orchard Cottage we decided on the nearest to that we could get in Spanish. The old As broke when I took them off and everywhere I tried had every letter but A in that style. It is the most used letter in Spanish house names yet the shops buy in as many Qs as As. In the end I went to a new shop which just had it's delivery and bought a complete new set in a different style.


  2. Hi JP,

    I'm just wondering if Nana might have been a four letter abbreviation as in, FLA. An extremely meaningful version under the circumstances being:

    No A No A

    AnywAy, as is predictable with our luck, we´ve since discovered the letter A at the end is a fake..
    It might look ok in the photo, as it did to us. But yesterday I decided to buff up the whole thing with a duster. Much to my horror the cross bar on the second letter A came off on my cloth!

    Somebody had done that bit with INK, so we had to go and get some ceramic paint. Dave´s just refurbished the darn thing so it doesn´t look like an upside down V. It´s still got masking tape on so we don´t know the outcome yet…

    I´m sure I could´ve made another blog post out of this………


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