My Triffid

About three months ago I potted up what were but a few stalks, and they’ve turned into this:

Two days ago…

2016-04-12 13.48.30


2016-04-15 20.12.40

2016-04-15 20.12.40

I could say it took great skill and many hours of hard graft to create because it sounds good, for example:

I stood over it with a violin playing “The hills are alive with the sound of music” twice a day. A few of the neighbours popped their clogs, but the plant flourished.

I talk to it a lot, at least it listens to my ramblings.

I´ve used some SUPER MEGA MIRACLE GROW from a Chinese sh*t shop,, no scrap that, it would´ve turned into a weed.

You even might think it´s plastic. Nope.

Truth be told, all I had to do was stick an irrigation peg in the (ordinary) compost, park it up in part shade, and the sun does the rest. Consequently I don´t have to go near it, which is probably a good thing as far as it´s own personal welfare is concerned…

Fascinating factoid of the day: If you bung a plant in a pot here, in full sun, without watering or irrigation: The greenery turns into a dead brown statue, and the top layer of soil turns into burnt white powder. On the up side at least there´s no weeds…

I once tried out this totally “not controlled” experiment last summer, using an unsuspecting CACTUS. Poor sod, I hadn’t looked at it for weeks, even it’s prickles had fallen off.

Perhaps that´s what would happen to us humans (without prickles) if we we didn´t go out armed with sun hats, sun tan lotion, sunglasses, and WATER…

All exotic plants need some water, god knows where from without irrigation. I’ve noticed all palms planted in neat rows by the council have secret “hidden” water supplies. Wild ones seem to flourish without,, they have deep roots that go straight down rather than spreading out. Not daft.

Well I must go, we´re doing a two mile walk in beautiful surroundings to the DIY store to get some new lightbulbs… {Journey there blogged in November} It´s 26 degrees C in the shade, which means it´ll be about 36 in the sun, hmm nice… Stop off at a bar, have a meal later on, watch tonight´s entertainment down at the mall, then back to our local bar to meet up with friends. No need for lightbulbs to brighten the day…

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