Windy Wi-Fi

Just to set the scene: I´ve mentioned before how the rare rain in (southern) Spain means people flee indoors. Shutters go down, cars won´t move, (they have built in water sensors).

Not busy places turn into totally empty places. Devoid of life as we know it, we´ve discovered today that freak wind has exactly the same effect. Even when the sun´s out…

There´s a steady not gale force wind going on, all of 14 miles an hour. But it´s the near constant gusts of 20+ miles an hour that have brought the place to it´s knees.

We´ve discovered that the population here is not only allergic to rain, wind also causes the same reaction. I mean there´s no need to worry about your house taking off into the ether, but everything around it might. Yes, even us Brits aren´t used to this anymore, 18 months and I´ve never known it this bad.

Oops, somebody´s sun canopy has just blown down the road from off their roof terrace, plant pots are taking off, and garden furniture is Flamenco dancing. With the whole area seemingly deserted, all we need now is a few tumbleweeds rolling down the road and we could make a Spaghetti Western…

“Windy Wi-Fi” explained: It doesn´t mean towers have collapsed for miles around, well I don´t think it does. We have a Wi-Fi receiver mast up on the roof terrace, under normal circumstances it delivers super fast broadband. Except the pole is doing a merry dance of a different kind. Bolted down at the base, it´s still mimicking rocket failure and so is the connection.

“They´re designed to bend” says Dave… Meanwhile I cringe with every gust…

2016-04-19 15.10.33

2016-04-19 15.10.56

So aside from unguided missiles on the move, the whole place is on complete shutdown. Yes, any excuse will do in this part of the world, I can even hear a party going on somewhere.

“Honey I´m home,, early,, bolt down the BBQ and fire it up if you can.”

Now let´s see if this uploads without turning into a jig-saw puzzle post…

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