Well That’s The Drapes Done

In principle they’re a bit like the tiles, they don’t look like they need cleaning / washing, but YOU JUST KNOW they do.

Arched windows…

2016-04-25 14.28.29

2016-04-25 14.27.25

Square windows, there’s lots of them…

2016-04-19 13.48.10

The round window, up the second set of stairs heading towards the conservatory and roof terrace…

2016-04-19 13.49.00

Could say I’m pleased with the stunning effect, except that’s just how they looked before being dragged into the washer.

What a performance it was, two days worth of a job. Being as they’re pure silk, ceiling to floor, and hand made, the nerves were a jangling in advance. So I washed one pair at a time. Fortunately there’s a “hand wash” setting on my washer, comes in handy does that, saves giving them a bath instead.

However, I’ve still got the ones upstairs to tackle, add those which adorn glass doors to that and they’ll get done sometime,, anytime,, oh whenever… See, I think like the Spanish do, even if the lingo doesn’t quite work…

I’ve just realised that for 18 months we’ve been living in a house with arched windows, square windows, and a round one. Memories of watching that naff kids TV programme called “Play School” on BBC 1 comes to mind. It was a little house just the same a lot different with the same mix of windows.

After we´d all clambered through “today´s window” there was a “story of the day” awaiting inside somewhere. Lasted all of five minutes, then the news took over…  Along with The Flowerpot Men and The Clangers it was one of the first of it´s kind, way before the sophisticated world of Thomas the Tank or Postman Pat. By that time our own kids were toddlers sat a’ watching IN FULL TECHNICOLOUR…

Well that’s the end of today’s story children, Bye Bye till next time…

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