The Farewell Party

Last night we went to a Chinese restaurant and sat outside as per norm {anywhere you go} for a meal. However, some visitors arrived to join us, and no they weren´t on the menu:

One of them even sat next to Dave…




So we gave them a few pieces of rice and one of them sat on my hand…! Then sat on my coat draped over the chair next door to me waiting,, waiting for more… (Not quick enough with the camera for those).

I reckoned they must be Chinese sparrows.

Dave: “Perhaps they had them specially imported.”

Tame sparrows are everywhere. Not daft, they all evacuated Britain when warm weather disappeared,, and moved here instead…

Yesterday was basically an “errand” day, tying up some loose ends, and saying goodbye to sparrows.

By the time we got home we were well and truly knackered, even the thought of meeting up with friends was knackering. So Dave got on with filling out that stupid form online. The one you need to print off and present along with your driving licence, when picking up a hire car in the UK.

Ironic as it sounds, if our friends need to go back to the UK, they take their Spanish driving licence and that´s all they need…!

We´re going to stay overnight with some friends tomorrow, then join up with family on Friday.

Have you seen the UK weather forecast for the next few days??? It´ll be a drop in temperature of around 20 degrees C for us…  Can´t even imagine what that´ll feel like…

Oh and it´ll be peeing down too, driving in the rain on the wrong side of the road, windscreen wipers? Haven´t seen them in action since I can´t remember when.

So Adios for a while, probably won´t get time to blog while we´re there, and not having time starts from HERE AND NOW. Still got to pack this  Work  before this Airplane and remember to include this Umbrella except I haven´t got one…

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