We Decided To Go To Greece Instead

Yes there were busts without bra´s everywhere you looked…

2016-05-02 16.04.00

2016-05-02 16.05.06

Naughty Naughty…

2016-05-02 16.20.02

There was even a bust on the bar…

2016-05-02 16.05.51

2016-05-02 16.31.01

Oh look, they do sun loungers too…

2016-05-02 16.05.23

And outsize chairs for Greek gods with big bottoms…

2016-05-02 16.04.20

Confusion about what country we were in occurred when we noticed a perfectly preserved fire engine. With both “LEYLAND” and “Lancashire” written on it:

Oh. So this wasn´t Greece then…

2016-05-02 16.17.01 


2016-05-02 19.54.08

We asked the hotel manager if we could have a plaque mounted on the door of the room we stayed in, the likes of:


He gracefully declined our offer and told us: “Only people who bring snooker cues with them are allowed to have a door tile.” Besides that, they had no letter A AvAilAble in stock…

We totally understood his predicament, because a room with a view full of balls might not be good for business. I mean he must have his hands full groping coping with all those tits, so we thought it really wasn´t fair to drop balls on him too…

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