Family Fun Without The Sun

This is the main reason we all flocked back to UK family central:

Our gorgeous new born grand daughter, just two days old. Cradled by her mum Tracey,, our daughter… Beautiful.

2016-04-30 19.41.25

2016-04-30 19.43.10

2016-04-30 19.43.13

Tracey´s first daughter on the left,, yes really!! Our eldest grandchild, and our youngest,, both sisters in the same photo…!

2016-04-30 19.39.04

At the local park:

Son Liam with our second youngest grandchild…

2016-04-30 15.04.47

2016-04-30 15.06.18

Left to right, Liam´s eldest son Ryan, wife Maddie, little cutie pie at the steering wheel, and Jake,, who belongs to our other son! 

2016-04-30 15.10.04

Ryan being Ryan,, “More sand grandma” points to bucket.. “Up!” {OK then, sod the nail varnish}

2016-04-30 15.53.05

In the garage:

Dave, both our sons, and Jake playing pool, serious business, except it was all very silly indeed…

2016-04-30 19.29.04

“See grandma,, I can do it too!”  This clever little tinker is born and bred in Germany, and along with his native tongue, he speaks very good English…!

2016-05-03 19.10.01

My mum the spectator,, my dad? Well he must´ve been somewhere else amidst the crowd of over 20 people spread inside and outside my sisters house…

[There were so many of us I lost track of who I´d taken photos of, when, why, and where, sorry dad…!]

2016-04-30 19.29.59

Rossi the Rascal. Not willing to share his prize possession, yet in the middle of tearing the darn thing to pieces. Meanwhile Joah was fascinated, and his mum kept a watchful eye…

2016-04-30 19.40.06

Unfortunately while we were there I got some kind of virus which literally knocked me off my feet. While missing out on seeing everyone, I curled up on the bed at the hotel, even resorted to watching Jeremy Vile on TV… God it must´ve been bad.

Next day, aside from a hacking dry cough, I thought that was the end of it. Oh dear, how wrong hope can be. Just hours before we flew back home to Spain Dave got it too, and it´s hit me HARD again.

Thoroughly fed up, we were supposed to be going out with friends tonight dancing, yes dancing. We were so looking forward to it, but neither of us can stand up properly, all four legs have gone. How shitty ironic is that…??

Well at least we´re sat here like a couple of lemons in the warm sun at the moment — but it ain´t helping much. Not possible in one day. Made us both wonder if we´re allergic to Britain now.

On a relevant note, friends of ours often come back ill with one thing or another, and whatever it is doesn´t disappear quick. Makes us wonder if each country has it´s own different version of the same viruses. After having experienced similar but not quite the same here in the past, our immunity seems to have built up to repel such things now.

BUT whatever immunity we ever had over there has gone? Hmm, in logical mode it´s highly possible.

So on that {cough} subject {sniff} I must exit this blog post in a truly feverish state…

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