A Google Earth Tour From An Airbus 320, Part Two

The French / Spanish border to Southern Costa Blanca:

Pyrenees from the Spanish side of the border…

2016-05-04 18.23.45

2016-05-04 18.23.38

2016-05-04 18.23.48

2016-05-04 17.46.22_thumb[4]

Ola, civilisation…

2016-05-04 18.24.22

That´s it, just take a right here and follow the Med coastline below…

2016-05-04 18.04.19_thumb[2]

Beginning decent to Alicante airport…

2016-05-04 18.08.01_thumb[2]

2016-05-04 18.08.23_thumb[2]

2016-05-04 18.10.07_thumb[2]

Big turn…

2016-05-04 18.12.22_thumb

2016-05-04 18.14.44_thumb

2016-05-04 18.18.04_thumb

Mountains close to the sea…

2016-05-04 18.28.30

Almost there…

2016-05-04 18.25.11

2016-05-04 18.28.57

Yet another very not busy road…

2016-05-04 18.31.35

2016-05-04 18.32.29

Back wheels on the ground…

2016-05-04 18.34.07 

Bonk,, home…

2016-05-04 18.34.35

Well, almost,, there’s still an hour’s drive south by helicopter car to the house. Thank you “Slick Mick” for doing the honours. {He deserves to have a silly name because he deliberately calls me “Helen”}

So we got back, got changed, got roped into a night out… Didn´t even have chance to unpack the cases…!

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