Two Brits In Pain

Warning: Wear an oxygen mask before reading this post. I cannot be held responsible for sharing this plague with any more countries other than those already infected affected. 

While we were in the UK I came down with some kind of nasty “bug.” By the time we got on the plane back home I felt ok, thought it had gone. Sniffed and Snuffed,, sorted. But the day after, Dave got all the symptoms and mine restarted again! A shared flu-like ailment that originated in Britain and ended up in Spain, hmm…

So if people around us start dropping like flies, it´ll confirm my theory about immunity. Perhaps if I could gather up enough evidence, I could sell it to the Spanish Medical Association before being expelled from the country.

Theory being something like:

a) Each country has it´s own version of what is basically the same bug.

b) Live somewhere long enough and you build up immunity to local bugs.

c) Go back somewhere you used to live, the body doesn´t recognise what it used to be immune to and puts out the welcome mat instead.

End result: You´re a sitting target with a bulls eye on your forehead. 

Over a week later and it’s still in charge. We’ve tried going out a couple of times, too soon though, got home aching and thoroughly exhausted…

Life is so not exciting at the moment, I decided to do a photoshoot of the myriad of potions we´re both using. None of which are a miracle cure, but all of which turn humans into zombies. Makes me wonder if drinking a bottle of whisky would be more effective.

Staple diet at the moment…

2016-05-14 15.58.23

Yes, universal products for flu-bugs everywhere. A bug´s nationality is irrelevant to drug manufacturers, “Just keep ém coughing up the profits.” 

Oh, and I got my first mozzie bite of the season yesterday…

No sympathy required, as I said to Dave earlier “I´m getting sick of this…” Which means poorly presented puny puns are still possible, so there´s hope yet.

Must go, another pint of Lemsip sits awaiting…

2 thoughts on “Two Brits In Pain

  1. Amusing and yet scary. I'm jetting off tomorrow. As if risking life and limb isn't bad enough – planes are a terrible place to pick up bugs.


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