Tomorrow Might Be A Big Day

For the first time ever, Dave’s going to drive a car in Spain………………………

Not any old car either, it’s a Mercedes Convertible! A friend of ours is going to let him have a play with it. How’s that for a starter…???

I don’t, won’t, can’t drive,, very good at being a passenger? Yes probably. If passengers had to take a driving passenger test, I’d sit it with ease. The only reason for a fail would be because the feet tend to dance along with a good song. Bit problematic when going round a corner…

Now the thing is, my own “personal chauffer” here has driven thousands of miles on the right hand side of the road in the USA. Not a problem at all, and even better they don’t have roundabouts. So therein lies the problem,, they do here, which means us Brits have to go round a roundabout the “wrong way.”

After 40+ years of driving it must be difficult to get your head roundabout. Even as a seasoned passenger “one” could be looking the wrong way. {Not good if your feet are tapping}

On the upside, as stated in the past, there’s plenty of very not busy roads everywhere to mess about on.

I sometimes think they built the nice smooth roads here far too spacious for the amount of traffic on them. It’s the same in Germany and France.

Perhaps that’s because we’re Brits who’ve been brought up with traffic congestion everywhere, it’s considered “the norm” to us. Oh my goodness it is not…  

When we went back to the UK a couple of weeks ago and hired a car. We’d forgotten just how bad congestion is, it was a true culture shock.

From the airport to the hotel was just 40 miles, but we spent more time sat in traffic than we did moving, and it took us two hours to get there… Rush hour might’ve been a mild excuse except it wasn’t rush hour.

So the beauty of it is, he can fart about here practicing without interruption. There’s a big, wide, perfectly manicured roundabout nearby that only the odd HUMAN uses to walk around, an occasional car yes.

As an over estimation, one car per hour tops…

Even so, time it wrong and humans have right of way while the car goes round on the OUTSIDE, no beeping of a horn required.

Believe it or not, that´s the truth…

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