The Alternative Mosquito Repellent

Yes I’ve discovered a miracle!

A few days ago  Dave and I had a Spanish outdoor argument in Ingles about indoor air fresheners, {stinky but nice, VS stinky but not nice on the sinuses} The upshot was we´d try them in the garden as mozzie repellents. 

Well knock me down with a splat bat, they work…

Good old Leroy Merlin, these are no ordinary air fresheners. NEITHER of us likes the spray kind, they aren’t particularly good for anything other than choking on, or lighting BBQ´s.

So here they are, €5.00 a pop, Jasmine flavour… The white flower thing soaks up the oil and blasts out the aroma… Oh and please excuse the sandy tiles.

2016-05-27 14.44.15

2016-05-27 14.45.04

 They even come with an instruction manual:

1) Remove from packaging (if you can)

2) Remove seal in one piece (if you can)

3) Place pot flower in glass pot (with tissues on standby for the nasal passages)

Conclusion: This particular experiment goes one step beyond the traditional theory that only the likes of oranges and lemons, {anything from the citrus family actually works as a mozzie repellent} It´s even capable of repelling humans too, and proves that a couple of Brits have the ability to become mozzie entrepreneurs…

Coming up tomorrow: How to attract wasps into the garden using rose flavoured disinfectant…

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