National Biscuit Day

It’s been announced on the news that today is “National Biscuit Day.”

Apparently it originated from one of those hashtag things on Twitter. People share photos of their favourite biscuit, then claim fame and fortune cookies from it. Some clever dick decided this “event” should have a date in the calendar, and everyone involved followed it.

No wonder Twitter is going down the pan, and no doubt links to Pinterest and Instagram accounts were included with each biscuit on display.

“My favourite biscuit is a custard cream. Please click here to follow me on {wherever} I need a thousand likes to win a bottle of perfume…” Never seen that before? Don’t worry you haven´t missed anything.

Desperation is the word that comes to mind, fine example being:

A few months ago I tripped over a Facebook group that was a dedicated undercover network to each other´s Pinterest / Instagram accounts. Clever that, with over 10,000 members they all posted links to their various profiles and BEGGED each other for “likes” on there.

“PLEASE give me a like on this, and I´ll give you one back, honest.” Interestingly there were only three areas of subject matter allowed. Fashion, food, and make-up…

Can you imagine the bitchiness of it all? Clambering to be at the top of the pile forever, sub network mutiny must´ve been rife. Conclusion: They use Facebook to get noticed somewhere else by cheating…

On Twitter it seems to be all about creating profound and meaningful hashtags.

An expert must choose a subject most people know about, so he / she can share and discuss it with the world, in this particular case: “Eureka! It´s got to be Biscuits! I could end up with a job in a cream cracker factory, or even, even, create a Biscuit Day for the BBC to #bullshit about.”

Wouldn´t it be nice if it were about people donating biscuits to a charity? But sadly, self promo is the only purpose.

Consequently my own contribution to National Biscuit Day would be:

Where all good biscuits end up…

2015-09-14 14.08.20 


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