It´s Got Four Wheels And No Stick Shift

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Dave was taking a friend’s Mercedes Convertible (Automatic) for a spin. What I didn’t say at the time is,, it was a test drive…

What I haven´t said since,, is that we´ve bought it… Delivery day was yesterday.

Oh WOW, we now own a gorgeous Merc that people walk past, and with gobs wide open, stop and stare…

Haven´t had chance to take any proper photos of it yet. Yesterday was a complete blur, and drinking champagne after we´d parked it up on the drive didn´t help!

We´ve got a few things to do this aft, so we´re planning to go down to the beach later on and do a sunny photoshoot with the Med in the background…

Here´s one I took straight after the deal was done. Another friend of ours was there, he also has a Merc, so it was question and answer time that went on into the early hours…!

Sat on the road after Dave parked it up, this first photo doesn´t do any justice…!

2016-05-20 19.53.25

For all the fancy gadgets and gizmo´s on there. Here´s a woman thing,, it´s my favourite colour…

Oh, and I love the way you just press a button, the roof opens up and folds itself away out of sight.

An automatic convertible has always been Dave´s car of choice, but it just wasn´t practical un the UK. Here, well there´s a good ten months of “no roof required.” Ironically, it´s a car built for sunshine, with the option of heated seats…

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