The Potty Palm Tree With A Name


After what happened when we were clearing plants from the driveway recently,, for a certain Merc to sit on,, (without it being bashed and them being squashed).

You might think I´m bonkers to attempt yet another attack on flora and fauna so soon, and you´d be right, so I let Dave deal with it…

This poor thing has been trying to commit suicide recently:

Temporarily “de-potted” before upsizing to a new abode…

2016-06-14 16.18.57

It´s the biggest tree in our garden to get a full makeover since we´ve been here. Quite a momentous occasion indeed.

As you can see in the photo, the big ball of roots was totally solid. Try teasing those out with your fingers and another trip to Torrevieja hospital might be required for a potted arm.

The “project manager” here thought of various garden implements to try, none of which made any difference. Last resort being to use a saw. {I mean Dave use a saw}

Still much potential for a finger or two to be sewn back on though, but sod it, he started so he´d finish. TWO HOURS LATER:

End result…

2016-06-14 18.09.51 

Had a little word with Pricilla after, she’s been warned about this being a yellow card, next one’s a RED for recycling. She’s perked up already…

In case you’re left wondering, some BIG plants in the front garden have a name. Not all, simply because my memory´s crap… There’s a Peter in the middle somewhere and a Cecil who sits in the opposite corner.

Which reminds me.

About names: I’ve mentioned before how certain persons amidst our crowd of loonies deliberately call me “Helen.” Except I´m not a Helen at all, but automatically respond to that name now! My other half is a traitor too,, tells me “I have to call you that, else nobody know´s who you are.”  Marvellous, I mean you just can´t rely on anyone these days.

Not to worry, I call them all appropriate names rather than given names too. None of which I´m prepared to reveal on here,, however there´s an exception:

Someone has a pet tortoise called Trevor, and he´s infamous too…

Spanish friends have also joined in, perhaps they call me “Helen” because it´s easier to say than “Heather?” Nope. In fact one of them has taken the “name game” to a higher level. Since we bought the Merc, I´m now called “Eylennnnn Merseedeezz.”

End result? I say all their names back to front… Yes, there is justice to be found…

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