About Mick

An observation: Out of all the Brit menfolk we know here, the absolute majority are either called Mick or Mike. Work that out,, because I can only presume to assume.

According to statistics “David” is supposed to be the most popular name, but there´s only one and he´s mine. David is also a popular name in Spain, they even say it the same, but we don´t know any Spanish David´s either…

Therefore I presume to assume that menfolk called Mick or Mike must all possess “Adventurous Personality Syndrome.” {If you haven´t heard of that, I´ve just made it up and it´s appropriate}

If someone else invented APS before me, sincere apologies because I´ve never heard of it before. So here´s my version:

The symptoms of APS are the ability to:

  • Seize the moment and enjoy
  • Live life outside the box
  • Believe good things never come from living within a comfort zone
  • Be aware that destiny is about your own definition
  • Be capable of finding true colour outside the lines

Not all who wander are lost…

This syndrome is not exclusive to a Mick or a Mike, people with other names can catch it too,, we did years ago.  And fortunately there is no cure…

2006 Florida


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