A Very Sad Day For Britain

Oh the irony, I first heard about the Brexit in Spanish! Hadn’t even got up out of bed, terrace doors open. I could hear one of our neighbours in the distance ranting about “Gran Britannia.”

As a Brit observer from the other side of the channel, maybe it´s been clearer to see what would happen in the event of a Brexit. Other European leaders were well prepared to freeze Britain out.

The Brit stock market has plummeted overnight, and it isn´t going to recover anytime soon, if ever. Uncertainty means businesses and people are moving assets out quick smart.

An extra hammer blow being Scotland announcing it will hold a referendum to join the EU, just hours after the results were in.

As I write this, Northern Ireland hasn´t officially announced it yet, but there is talk from ministers about a referendum there.

“Great Britain” would then consist of England and Wales being on their own. Even with Scotland and Northern Ireland the country is now a divided nation in a big mess. Almost 50% of the population disagrees about how their country should be run. 

Jean Claud Junker, (President of the European Commission) has announced today, he wants to “kick Britain out” ASAP. Even before the Brexit he asserted,, Quote: “OUT IS OUT.”

A few weeks ago Obama announced: “Britain will be at the back of the queue when it comes to trade.”

The main two reasons for a “NO” vote appear to be:

  • Disillusion, apathy, those who haven´t felt any improvement in their standard of living, people who thought they had nothing else to lose. End result: Sadly they could well end up worse off.
  • Immigration. End result: France will open the floodgates. They aren´t going to spend millions keeping illegal immigrants out of Britain anymore. There´s even a “joke” here about France sending them across on ferries and waving “au revoir.”

In addition, “NO” voters have not thought or listened to their “kids,” most of whom wanted to remain IN. After all, they and their children will be left to pick up whatever broken pieces may remain.

I honestly thought the majority of Brits would be intelligent enough to recognise that as a priority over uncertainty, after all, their offspring did…

The end result must have come as a shock to half the population, as it has to us expats. There is no bias from me, even if we lived in the UK I would have voted to stay in. Remaining within the EU would have been safe, yes reforms are needed. No doubt that debate will begin as soon as Britain officially asks for a divorce.

I never really thought much of David Cameron. But to be fair, in this global financial situation, the leader of any country just hasn´t got the finance available to get everything done. Uncontrollable decisions have been made, based on goodwill but not enough coiffeurs.

However, the alternative to the leader of Great Britain is unthinkable, Boris Buffoon Johnson? The multi-millionaire who can´t afford a hair comb and does nothing but make a fool of himself. Today, he is the ultimate fool who´s just flushed a country down the toilet. He wants Britain to take back control of it´s borders, how?

He´s got no finance to do that or anything else, hands well and truly tied.

  • Investors are moving gold out of the country.
  • Shares have plummeted.
  • Big companies will not reinvest.
  • Other companies are already talking about moving their power bases elsewhere – in Europe.
  • New, and even well established company´s will avoid a country with uncertainty like the plague.

So where´s the money going to come from to create his pipedream? Borrowing from the bank of England won´t be enough and Yes or No vote, the average Joe will pay the price. He´s created Broken Britain.

As for us expats? Well it may be a drop in the ocean, but those with assets will be moving them out of Britain too…

I don´t understand why the NO campaign couldn´t see any of this domino effect happening. Other countries within the EU made contingency plans months ago…

Note: If the buffoon´s best friend Donald Chump Trump is voted president of the USA, the whole of the western world will go into a very dangerous freefall. Even the freedom we take for granted could be put in jeopardy…

Putin must be laughing his socks off, no need to spend billions on another cold war, just sit back and watch…

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