A Surreal Moving Day!

We helped some friends to “move in” the other day. After renting here for several months, they achieved their dream of buying. As we were loading some of their suitcases into our car and driving from A to B, I found myself reliving the whole experience…

Hard wired in memory: The excitement, the joy, the emotion, the sheer elation of finally,, after reams of paperwork and legalities, being given the keys to your own house in Spain.

It doesn´t sink in at first, too much all at once. The human brain can only register awe and wonderment amidst a degree of disbelief, and I could see it in their eyes, face, body language. There is no way of hiding it. “Stay calm and composed, like you´ve done all this before” just does not work.

Once we´d managed to drag the baggage between us to ground zero, and done the guided tour of course. We sat on a terrace, in the shade of the sun and drank champagne. I even christened the downstairs toilet because I needed a wee, it´s all part of the moving in process is that…

Oh,, as is neighbours from several nationalities coming to meet and greet. It happened while we were there, in fact I think a few of them were slightly confused about which two were actually moving in…!

So our friends,, like us have bought a house that´s fully furnished beyond all expectations. However they still have some personal items in storage awaiting arrival, just like we did.

This is my visual memory of when our “stuff” arrived from the UK. By then, aside from our sentimental treasures actually being here, it was no big surreal deal.

Somehow the driver managed to back this 60 foot arctic lorry down our little road. Note, it wasn´t full of OUR stuff! It was “shared” with other people moving here because it´s cheaper.

To this day I don´t know how…


All that, just for this…


Even the driver himself was elated,, because he´d spent two hours trying to find us…

No need for furniture / electrical items, (aside from laptops which came with us on the plane). The sentimental contents were later tucked away, lurking in cupboards and hidden places. In fact they´re so well hidden, it would now take me hours to find the likes of shiny photos forever preserved.

It still took us a week to work out what went where… Spanish lifestyle already instilled, one box to wade through per day was enough…

So cheers to M and T, you made your dream come true…! Welcome to sunshine in your soul forever…

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