Good Grief! A Road Bunged Up With Cars!

Created a shock to the system, and the brain cell was thoroughly confused…

We´ve glided past Torrevieja several times on the not busy motorway. It´s the biggest and nearest town to us, about 20 minutes drive. A place of two halves, the beautiful beach away from the humdrum, but driving through the centre is a whole different experience. THEY EVEN NEED TRAFFIC LIGHTS.

To be fair it was rush hour, sorry, the not rush hour which lasts for about four hours… Nothing to do with sheer volume of traffic, people finish work anytime between 4 – 7pm, depending on what time the Tapas BBQ gets fired up,, before retiring to the swimming pool, beach, whatever.

So here´s a photo of several cars almost bumper to bumper AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS:

This to us, is absolute bedlam, there must´ve been at least five cars and a truck waiting…

2016-07-04 17.08.10

Not long after we were on the extremely not busy motorway, and still amidst the four hour rush hour…

2016-07-04 18.02.45

Locally? Well this is more like it. Just park your fancy red Jag on the roundabout, where more humans cruise round it on foot than cars do on wheels…

2016-07-04 18.57.54

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