Monster Trucks

Unintentionally continuing the theme of automobiles:

In addition to the very not busy roads here, this is a fine example of a very not busy car park for outsize vehicles…

2016-07-05 16.33.37

TWO monster trucks bunged on top of another monster truck…

2016-07-05 16.33.08

We gathered they hadn´t unpacked them all yet…

But how and where is the best place for American monster trucks to do their thing in Spain? I mean there´s plenty of space,, ready made rock ramps. Several convenient valleys where non suicidal spectators could look down from and admire? Nope.

Any one of the numerous beaches? Forget that, they´re all blue flag,, eees not allowed. To be fair though, monster tractors dragging monster rakes are allowed to neatly plough the playas in the depths of night, but that´s a different matter.

So, “Donde es, erm,, the best place?” Asks the Yankee Doodle Representative For Outsize Vehicles… {YDRFOV} Never heard of it? Neither have I.

“Erm ow abowt la, um, cara parka de la numero dos mucho Grandey Boulevar (Shopping Mall) en uurop?”

“Well, I´ll just have to confirm that with my superiors at the FBSI, ya know FBSI? The Federal Bureau Of YES in Spanish.”


Anyway the outcome is: Ten days worth of Monster Raving Madness to be held on the Monster Vast shopping mall car park. Well in all fairness, they decided against using the Monster Vast underground one, and the other monster outdoor one next to the petrol station…

Ample parking,, except probably not where you usually do…

I kid ye not, if you´ve ever been to Disneyland {where my mind usually resides} a great fun day out would be to fly from one to the other and compare car parks…

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