Night Night Till Tomorrow


2016-07-05 21.06.45


2016-07-05 21.06.54

Still hanging around before lighting up the trees…

2016-07-05 21.06.58

Timestamp: 9.05pm. Temperature 31 degrees C, dropping to 29 degrees at 1am…

Sometimes the sun is a con artist here…

Last year was a steady rise in temperature. This year it´s taken a big leap all at once, only a couple of weeks ago we were nudging 30 degrees in the shade. Suddenly we´re up at a steady 36 degrees, and we all know it won´t start dropping till the end of September.

Sit outside of the shade at your peril! It´s registering 42 degrees out there…

Whilst on the subject of danger, by not obeying the rules of the sun in southern Spain, here´s a fine example:

We went in the pool at the end of our little road yesterday, (smothering yourself in sun tan lotion is still absolutely necessary – and works). But there was a “not native” holiday maker staying at their second home. She laid out in direct sunlight, yes with sun tan lotion on. But unless you´re on the move, ten minutes is enough…

While we found shade between bobbing in and out the water, and drinking bottled water. She was slowly turning into a lobster without drinking any water, sunglasses off with eyes closed. Even worse, she had an 18 month old toddler, and while dad walked round with him, neither of them thought to put sun tan lotion on their little tinker! Or at least keep his T shirt and cap on… Oh dear…

She´ll hardly be able to move today and most probably has sunstroke. It wasn´t up to us to say anything, but I can on here.

There´s four main rules for being in direct sunlight at this time of year:

  • Clear spray on sun tan lotion is easiest to use, find one with moisturiser built in.
  • Drink lots of water, even if you don´t feel thirsty.
  • Wear a cap or sun hat.
  • Find shade, holidaymakers want a tan, very often a painful one, their skin just isn´t used to it at all.
  • And of course wear SUNGLASSES…!

No sunglasses? Don´t want “panda eyes” at first? There´s no such thing even WITH sunglasses ON…

Oh, and “Factor 50” sun tan lotion means it needs re-applying after 50 minutes…

At the beach, after splashing about in the sea, go and rinse off in one of the showers, THEN re-apply. Salt water sticks to the skin, magnifies the sun, and dehydrates.

In the pool, after splashing about in there, again, go and rinse off in one of the showers. Chlorine has the exact same effect.

So play by the rules of the sun, and the sun will look after you.

I´ll never forget last year, a lobster said to me:

“Oh look at you, such a nice brown even tan when you´re fair skinned, how did you manage that on holiday, how long have you been here?”

“I live here.”

“Ah, so your skin is used to the sun then?”

“To a certain extent yes, but only if I look after it,, and myself.” Then mentioned all of the above.

She laughed…

So I told her to ask a Spaniard if they get sunburnt when they don´t take precautions. They do, and know the score.

The lobster laughed again,, and told me she was going down the beach later to “top up her suntan.”

I asked her if she´d looked at her back and shoulders in a mirror. Blisters were beginning to appear.

Answer: “Yes, but I have to have a nice tan to show off to my friends when I get back!”

I gave up and thought about the white holes in it…

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