Brexit Just Became Borexit

I honestly thought Tereza May was the best of a bad bunch to become prime minister. At least she had some experience of not being corrupt or just plain stupid…? 

Whatever,, but after just a few hours in office as prime minister, her fourth decision was in fact STUPID. Boris Johnson is to be Foreign Secretary… The nasty joker / liar is now the worlds biggest nasty joke.

During his campaign to isolate Britain from the outside world, most of the slogans posted across his bigotry bus were not true. All proven to be twisted lies with false figures. He also targeted minority groups along with immigrants.

There is no need to delve even further into that, except to say he now has several different lawsuits to face. One of which comes from a British car manufacturer for using their logo without permission. All of which have since been zapped from the internet with:

“Some results have been removed under the data protection law in Europe”


As for world leaders he´s going to have to face and interact with, he´s already “unfriended” and offended them:

Quotes from his disgusting mouth:

“Obama has an ancient dislike of the British Empire which stems from his part Kenyon heritage.”

“Hilary Clinton has dyed blonde hair, pouty lips and looks like a sadistic mental health nurse. She is everything I came into politics to oppose.”

“Good grief we even export French knickers to France.” {Silly laugh}

Other clangers include:

Writing a poem about the Turkish president having sex with a goat. The reply to that comment, made after Buffoon Johnson found himself a new job yesterday was: “May God help him.”

Derisory comments about Jews meant meant Israel and Palestinians boycotting his visits, and Germans were offended. (Another lawsuit in place from a genuine German comedian).

Body checking a Japanese schoolboy in a football match, he deliberately pushed the lad over in an aggressive attempt to get the ball.

Telling the people of China during the closing ceremony of the Olympics: “Ping pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century, it was called wiff waff.” {Well he should know being as that´s where he resides} It was taken as an insult.

Then there´s Europe………….

Aside from being gobsmacked at his appointment, the reception from leaders will be extremely frosty indeed. The hand of friendship will be no more…

Boris Buffoon

So the only “friend” he already has left in the world appears to be Donald Trump, a jerk who is also facing several lawsuits and has a mouth like a garbage bin.


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